Design evokes both conscious and subconscious reactions in people. Great design allows you to control those reactions. Our user experience and digital team are masters at their craft and love pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and what works in digital design.

Responsive design

Quite often the digital device a customer completes their journey on is different to the one on which they started. Your visitors will engage with you on an ever-growing number of platforms, which means a consistent and great customer experience through responsive design is more important than ever.

Some of the best in their field at practical yet intuitive responsive website design, our awesome designers understand new trends and how user behaviour evolves over time.

App design

App design might seem simple, but we find the simpler the design, the harder it was to achieve! A successful app is all about working with the features and limitations of the respective devices and operating systems to create an intuitive design that enables and empowers the user.

Our designers have in-depth knowledge of each platform’s functions and foibles, combined with how users interact with mobile devices.

User experience/UX

Our UX team strive for invisibility, for that’s what good UX should be. By studying user behaviour and applying the best elements of design principles to your product, utopia for us is that your customers are so engaged with your brand and immersed in their digital experience, that they no longer even notice how they’re interacting.

UI on the other hand should be noticeable. We employ talented graphic designers to ensure your digital product is every bit as beautiful as the world it is in.  

If we were building you a house, the UI would be the white picket fence and meandering path to shiny red front door that sat under the thatched roof in the enchanted forest. It’s the thing that makes you want to walk up the front door and go through it. The UX would be the perfectly heated house, all warm and cosy and smelling of cookies.

Prototyping and Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

There is no point building out your great idea only to find your intended user base doesn’t want, or like it. We believe in using an iterative approach to building new products by getting user feedback and research at every step of the way. Creating basic prototypes leading to a minimum viable product allows us to save time and money while constantly modifying your great idea based on actual user data and feedback.

By including the user in this journey you are significantly more likely to create a product that will hit the ground running.  

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In our industry, design is everything. Engaging Comms beautifully transformed our brands into digital format. I'm delighted.

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