Choosing the right media to engage with an audience and identifying the right time to do it require research, planning and an understanding of all the data that will impact the user, not just the obvious stuff. We know our stuff and we share our knowledge. Oh, and we’re nice, which we think is kinda important.

Data driven marketing

There are a lot of factors beyond our control that can influence sales. Why is it that clients can run similar campaigns with similar budgets but vastly different results?

The data is out there if you know where to look, and we do. By considering, 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data and their subsequent interactions, we can help you connect with your ideal target consumer better than ever. Who, why, where, when and how – we can facilitate interactions with the right customer, at the right time, through the right channel with the right message.


Media strategy is no longer just about knowing which mediums to use to hit a target audience.  We can follow the user journey across platforms or devices. We know when to ramp up your programmatic spend, when to turn it off completely and how to use data from converted customers to find others like them.  Perhaps, even what colour socks to wear.

Marketing automation & lead generation

The technology of marketing makes the job of digital marketing easier, or at least that’s the plan! Many parts of your digital marketing strategy can be automated to intuitively guide your prospects through the ‘sales pipeline’ of your digital assets. Some detailed upfront planning together with selecting the right platform for your needs can exponentially increase your marketing efforts.

Our favourite part is the ability to test messaging and user flow directly with the users themselves! No more guessing what your potential customers want or need, a good Marketing Automation system can tell you.


Today’s consumers are increasingly sophisticated in their approach to digital. They expect you to know about them, what they like and when they like it. With the evolution of so many digital systems and CRMs that can track and segment users and their likes, there’s really no excuse for not interacting with your market on the device they prefer, at the time of day they prefer it with a message that shows you understand what they need.

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Engaging’s experience in media planning has increased our online uptake by 30% year on year. Incredible job.

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